Plan Alamo

Defending against weaponized illegal mass migration


  1. Moratorium on all asylum seekers until immigration courts 30-day wait.
  2. Restore Remain in Mexico program.
  3. Return illegal aliens entrants to origin or safe third country.
  4. Return Border Patrol to patrolling the border.
  5. Deputize Texas National Guard.
  6. Increase Special Forces CT Security Assistance Programs with Mexico.
  7. FEMA surged asylum court capacity and hire more judges.
  8. Immigration law overhaul merit based.
  9. U.S. Immigration frontline begins country of origin/host U.S. consulate.
  10. Finish rapid construction of border wall, water buoys, & surveillance.
  11. Defund all sanctuary cities.
  12. Designate all Mexican cartels foreign terrorist organizations.
  13. Impeach Homeland Secretary Mayorkas.
  14. End non-citizen birth citizenship.
  15. End U.S. employer exploitation of illegal aliens.
  16. Defund aide to non-cooperative source countries.
  17. Form/fund whole of government border national security task force.
  18. Trade tariff Mexico until China and cartels illicit influence is removed.
  19. Trade tariff China until full withdraw of influence operation in Mexico.
  20. End U.S. Green Card voting rights.
  21. Designate & choke off all forms of cartel terror financing.
  22. Target Chinese surrogate companies enabling hybrid threat.