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Operation Border Lights

Operation Border Lights (OBL) helps defend Texas by showing the gripping realities of weaponized illegal mass migration across U.S. borders. Operation Border Lights is an ongoing citizen journalist multimedia project shining the light on the crisis at the Texas Southwestern border. Led by Commander Jay Furman (USN ret.), this powerful project reframes America’s visual mental image of the escalating war entering through our nation’s back door, the U.S. southwestern land border. Our enemies are truly amongst us because everyone lives in a border town, now, and the invasion though southwest border was just a warmup. We must immediately organize public awareness to develop the political will to execute PLAN ALAMO before it’s too late. Click here for details

Operation Elevate Ourselves

Operation Elevate Ourselves (OEO) is a community driven private investment solution empowering South Texas small businesses and entrepreneurs. It endeavors to be a hub for South Texans of all ages to source real pathways to prosperity and independence away from government centered programs.

Operation Freedom Walks

Operation Freedom Walks (OFW) takes various forms to remind the public that government works for them and only exists to ensure their God given natural rights. Here, citizens come together united in a vital mission to Live Free through civic action, raising public awareness of federal government abuse and overreach of citizens rights. Freedom Walks examples include: absentee ballot validation, voter registration drives, ballot drop-box monitoring, courthouse/legislature protests and elected leader/lawmaker petition drives, freedom rallies/concerts, and media engagement. Citizen’s grassroots efforts are the bedrock of our state and national Constitutional Republics, thereby engaging in the most necessary role of The People safeguarding their democratic processes.


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