“Commander Jay Furman (USN ret.) is the America First Congressman we need to secure our borders and end the lawlessness of the Biden Administration. Jay had the metal to stand up against our lawless leadership and warn the nation of a faltering military. Retiring back home to Texas, Jay is the candidate with the experience and moral fortitude to not only secure our border which will directly impact trafficking of women and children and the open flow of fentanyl, but will also remove a vulnerable gateway for known or suspected terrorists.  As a career military professional he believes as I do that you cannot have strong national security if you do not have strong border security. Jay is keenly focused on protecting life, guns, ending the woke insanity and reigning in the DOJ. I stand with Commander Jay Furman to return our government to the people. He is the right guy at the right time.” -Tom Homan, Trump Admin. ICE Director