Commander Jay Furman Announces Candidacy for TX28, Endorses Trump for President in 2024


Today, Vaccine Mandate Whistle-blower, Commander Jay Furman (USN ret.), proudly announced his candidacy to represent South Texans in the 28th Congressional district to retire Biden lapdog Henry Cuellar.

“Today in the eve of a pivotal year for America, I enthusiastically endorse President DONALD J. TRUMP to become the 47th President of the United States. President Trump continues to be right on the issues that place America first. And never more so than right now – America is under attack at our own border – a direct result from Crooked Joe Biden’s communist policies that are destroying the American way of life, strengthening our enemies, and assaulting our children. We need President Trump and an aligned Congress to rebuild our national security, return our prosperity, and restore our liberties.”

– Commander Jay Furman, 2024 US Congressional candidate for TX28