Commander Jay Furman for Congress: A Defender’s Call to Action

Commander Jay Furman has a deep sense of duty and commitment to Texas and our nation

Retiring after 28 years of military service helping our nation’s allies, he has returned to Texas shocked by our fake borders, lost freedoms, and sky-rocketing prices. After watching similar trends in other nations, he has decided to take a stand at home against bad policies causing problems that are clear and present dangers to South Texan’s safety, freedom, and survival – for generations to come. Furman’s campaign is not politics as normal, because nothing is normal right now. It is a clear-eyed call to action for Texans to defend their Republic. For as Texas goes, so goes the nation.

Commander Furman is an America First conservative, Christian, devoted husband, and father. His policy priorities align with the Constitution and limited federal government. Most governing should be pushed down to state and local communities, where people know their problems best and competitive markets thrive without federal regulations that enrich special interests and fatten bureaucrats far from home. Most of our problems are caused by lying politicians in Washington, who use your money create solutions that only make the problems worse and make them seem more relevant.

Today’s Democrats are the most radical and lawless in history. South Texans did not vote for: fake borders, gender madness, a weakened military, sky-high prices, energy dependence, another foreign war, arrested political enemies, spying on the American public and Church, giving up our gun rights. Rep. Henry Cuellar has. In fact, he has voted with President Biden 95% of the time.

Commander Furman’s priorities are Land, Liberty, and Prosperity. His call to action Enough Talk* focuses on community-driven solutions that reject distracting circus politics with practical approaches to local issues, emphasizing a commitment to action over empty talk and pork barrel politics.

Commander Furman’s vision takes back our southwest border, empowers South Texas small business, blocks the woke insanity, and puts Texans back in-charge of their day-to-day lives —- not big business, not big media, and definitely not today’s Democrat-run federal government. It is none of their business how you raise your children or what values you instill in them. It is none of their business how you put food on your own table. They should get out of your way so you can do those things, while they protect borders, increase trade, and keep Americans guarding their own citizens.

As in 1836, when the first Tejanos and Texians stood side by side in the struggle to create the Republic of Texas, it is once again time for Texans of every heritage to hold the line and defend this land from all enemies, foreign and domestic. We must not fail because, right now, Texas has become America’s Alamo. Join us in this fight for the future of our great state and nation. Enough Talk!