“It’s time for all Texans
to Defend our Land,
liberty and Prosperity –


South Texas Congressional 28
A Border District


Commander Jay Furman For Congress

A Defender’s Call to Action

Commander Jay Furman has a deep sense of duty and commitment to Texas and our nation. Retiring after 28 years of military service helping our nation’s allies, he has returned to Texas shocked by our fake borders, lost freedoms, and sky-rocketing prices. After watching similar trends in other nations, he has decided to take a stand at home against bad policies causing problems that are clear and present dangers to South Texan’s safety, freedom, and survival – for generations to come. Furman’s campaign is not politics as normal, because nothing is normal right now. It is a clear-eyed call to action for Texans to defend their Republic. For as Texas goes, so goes the nation.


March 5th Primary

Polls are Open



Defend Texas

  • Stop weaponized illegal mass migration, Fentanyl, and other illicit criminality.
  • Arrest/deport asylum abusers. End catch-and-release.
  • Return Remain in Mexico.
  • Finish the wall.
  • Deport criminal illegal aliens.
  • Designate cartels as foreign terrorist organizations.
  • Enact responsible immigration legislation.
  • Fully counter all forms of Chinese hybrid warfare and influence operations on United States interests.

Protect Prosperity

  • Reduce your costs and increase your wages.
  • End the federal spending spree, balance the budget, re-privatize banking, and incentivize re-shoring of U.S. corporations, jobs, manufacturing and dollars.
  • Lower taxes and reduce regulation.
  • End aide to Ukraine and endless American foreign wars.
  • Increase fair bilateral trade (especially with a lawful Mexico).
  • Enforce fair trade with tariffs (especially on China).
  • Withdraw from the Paris Agreement.
  • Defund the Green Agenda.
  • And drill, drill, drill.

Live Free

  • Undo the lawless civil liberty abuses of the Biden-Cuellar Establishment.
  • End the big-tech, big-media, and big-government censorship and domestic spying racket.
  • Remove federal woke policies and defend women’s sports.
  • Defund the deep and administrative state, remove and revamp federal agencies.
  • Protect Social Security and Medicare.

Restore Education

  • Suspend the federal government from school and protect children from race, gender and woke indoctrination.
  • Encourage school choice and merit-based teacher/administrator employment.
  • Enshrine parental rights.

Sacred Lives

  • Defund all forms of federal government abortion support and make illegal all COVID mandates.
  • Restore Constitutionally protected medical freedom.
  • Commission a 911 Report-style COVID-19 Congressional Investigation – refer for prosecution those found criminally negligent and fire civil offenders.

Guard Guns

  • Defend Second Amendment against government – GIVE NO GROUND.

Trust Elections

  • Enact law requiring state-run federal elections that require in-person, paper ballot; voter ID; and realtime election monitoring.
  • Make illegal the bypassing of State Legislatures for all federal election decisions.
  • Increase penalties and the funding of prosecution for tampering with federal elections.
  • Impose Congressional term limits and insider trading prohibitions.
  • Enact real campaign finance reform.
  • Remove the revolving door of government to private employment and lobbying.


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